Minimum Wages Act of 1936

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All the workers in a factory are supposed to get wages either weekly or month, for the work of and the service he has done. The payment of wages to the workers in a particular form and at regular intervals without any unauthorized deduction is the objectives of this Act.

scope of the act the provision of this act applies to workers engages in factories as defined n the factories act of 1948 and the person employed in any railway by contractor or sub-contractor the act may also include any persons employed in any industrial establishments.

         The date of payment of wages the wages of every person employed in any factory, industrial establishment, or railways less than 1000 workers are employed shall be paid before the expiry of seventh day after completion of the wage period.

Generally, a month the wages for a month for example shall be paid before the seventh day of the next month if the workers employed in a factory are more than 1000 the wages shall be paid within 10 day of the next month. The wages of a terminated person shall be settled his account by the next work day after such termination.

Authorized deduction: the act authorized an employer to make a deduction from wages for the specific purposes only such as fine absence from duty damage to or loss of goods or money, housing accommodation supplied by the employer and such amenities services provide by the employer as the state government may authorize.

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