Hub and Switch

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Hub is computer networkdevice and it is used for connecting multiple computers or devices in a local area network (LAN). Normally, it is used for Port to Port small Network. Hub receive data (information) from one port and send them it to all other ports, so that all other computers or other devices can receive all data (information).

Hub is a central control device in which computers are connected to the central hub in a form of star topology. In the star topology hub work as a central controller. The main disadvantage of this device is if the central hub failed the entire network also will fail. Hub is available in multiple ports (8 ports and 16 ports).hub is work at the layer 1 (physical layer) of the OSI model. Old hub supports 10 mbps (Mega Byte Per Second) and the new hub supports 100 mbps.

There are two types of Hub:

  1. Active Hub.
  2. Passive Hub.

Active Hub: -Active hub required external power connection. Active hub regenerates the weak signal before forward the data.

Passive Hub: -Active hub does not require an external power connection. The passive hub does not regenerate the weak signal before forwarding the data.


What is Switch: -Switch is a computer network device and it is used for connecting multiple computers or devices in a local area network (LAN). Switches are similar to hubs, only smarter. The switch receives the data (frames) and sends it to the destination computer using mac address. Mac (media access control) address is a physical address of computer every computer has own unique physical address. The Switch is maintaining mac address table. switch faster than a hub because it sends the data directly source to destination so the data traffic is less than.

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