Different types of Printers

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Printers: –

Printers help us in printing text and graphics on paper, film or other material.

We have earlier studied the classification of printers as character printer, line printer and page printers.

Printers are also classified on the basis of how text and graphics and transferred to the paper or other print medium. On this basis, the printers are classified as:

  1. Impact printers.

2. Non-impact printers.

Impact printers:

A print head bearing a letter, number or sign strikes an inked ribbon placed immediately before the paper as in a typewriter. This strike cause the imprint of the print head on the paper with the ink of the ribbon. There is direct impact printers include:

Dot matrix printer.

Daisy wheel printer.

Drum printer.

Chain printer.

Dot-matrix printer: –

These printers print one character at a time, each character is print as a collection of dots. The dots are in form of a particular pattern by a number of pins striking the inked ribbon between the paper and the print head.

The dot matrix printer makes a noise while printing and the quality of the output is not very good.

Daisy wheel: –

The print head of a daisy wheel printer resembles a daisy flower with its print arms spread like the petals of the flower each arms has a letter or a character embossed on it. When a print arm having this letter strike ad ink on ribbon the impression of the letter is transfer to the paper. The printing speed about 90 character per second.

 Drum printer: –

Drum printer have a cylindrical drum on which characters are embossed. The rotates at a high speed. The noise level of his printer is high iy can print up to 2000 lines per minute.

 Chain printer:

Chain printer uses a rapidly rotating chain which is known as print chain. The character to be printed are embossed on the print chain and the noise level of this printer is also high and printing speed varies from 400 to 2400 lines per minute.

Nonimpact printers: –

Non-impact printer include laser, inkjet, and thermal printers. They use different technologies for transferring text and graphics t the print medium. These printers transfer the output directly to the paper without any physical contact between the paper and the print head.

Inkjet printers: –

Inkjet printer use a continuously stream of ink-drops to print characters on paper. The printer sprays ink on the paper through fine nozzles present o the print head. The print is formed by numerous dots of ink giving the resultant letters a uniform look.

Inkjet printers print about 250 characters per second these printers require ink cartridges have to be refilled or replaced when the ink is used up.

Laser printer: –

laser printer uses laser beams to produce a very high-quality result. The output image is written on the copier drum with the help of a laser beam. This drum surface gets electrically charged and attracts toner ink particles. The toner ink is then transfer to the paper and permanently fixed on it, using heat or pressure.

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