Computer Science Interview Questions Part-2

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A network with in an organization with general as well as confidential information meant for organization employees only.

LAN: –

local area network: – collection of computers inter-connected to one another in a small area, like in a building or in a campus.


Uses 0s and 1s which represents OFF and ON electronic signals. The programs written in machine language are directly understood by the computer and don’t need any conversion.

MAN: –

Abbreviation of Metropolitan area network. A type of network spread across a city.


Wireless communication based on line of site, which has parabolic antennas use for data transfer.


A name or abbreviation used by programming language to help a user remember a long or complex instruction.


NetMeeting is a software from Microsoft, which is use for video conferencing.


Group of computers in peripheral that can communicate with one another over a communication media for sharing and accessing resources and services.

NIC: –

Network interface card, also known as LAN card. A board having electronic circuitry that plugs into a PC slots and allows it to communicate with other computers on the network.


Group of programs that work as a resource manager coordinating various operations in a computer, e.g., MS DOS, MS windows and UNIX.

PASCAL: A high-level programming language using a structured programming approach.

PROGRAM:  Sequence of instructions or commands used to get a tasks done by the computer.

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE-  Language used to write computer programs for getting a task done by the computer.

PROTOCOL: –  Defined standard rules used in communication. It defined the format, sequence, timing and errors checking methods.


A program used for finding information on the internet based on keywords on the internet, e.g., google, yahoo, AltaVista, etc.SYSTEM SOFTWARE: –  A program used to control the operation of a computer

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