Computer Science Interview Questions Part-1

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Programs that are used to detect and remove computer viruses from a computer.

APPLICATION SOFTWARE: Group of programs used for specific tasks such as accounting, presentation, word processing, virus scanning, drawing etc.

ASSEMBLER: A software that translates instructions of an assembly language program to machine language to enable the computer to execute them.

ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE: Programming language that uses letters and symbols known as mnemonics.

CABLE: A collection of wires separated by insulation, use to carry electrical signal between devices.


Program that is specially written to cause damage is to computer data and program. Infects other computer by replicating itself and attaching to files and memory.

DATABASE: – A computer database is a collection of related information contain in records and fields.

DBMS: – abbreviation for database management system. Software that can add and manage large quantities of data.

FORMATE: – process by which a disc is divided into sector and tracks for storing data on it.


Mathematical expression used for performing calculation involving mathematical operation on specified cells.

FTP: – abbreviation for file transfer protocol use for transferring file from FTP server to FTP client and vice-versa.

FUNCTION: – in excel, a function is a pre-defined formula that perform calculation by using arguments entered by a user.

GIF: – abbreviation for graphical interchange format. It is the most common image file format use on internet.


A computer language that is easy to learn and uses recognisable English word, mathematical symbols and numbers.

HTML: – Hyper Text Markup Language. A standard hyper text language used for creating world wide web (www) pages and other hyper text documents: –

HUB: – hardware device use for a computer network to connect several compute, printers etc. with one another by means of NIC and cables. As compared to a switch, HUB is slower in transmission of data.

HYPER TEXT: – text that contain link to text, sound, video, images and animation. The mouse pointer changes it shape when taken over hyper text.


A programming software that converts the instructions written, using interpreter into machine language, one line at a time. It is slower than the compiler.

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