Basic Components of the Computer

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Mouse: – Mouse is an input device. We use the mouse to interact with the computer with the help of selecting objects or option on the screen we can move, open and change the objects represented as icons with the help of mouse. We can make some changes in functionality and behaviour of the mouse.                                                      

Microprocessor: – Microprocessor is an electronic chip that has the CPU. The microprocessor is fixed on the circuit board and enclosed in a rectangular box called the CPU Box or the system unit. Microprocessor have reduced the size of computer so much that they can fit on desktop. So desktop computers are also called microcomputer.                                           

Motherboard: – The main circuit board on which the microprocessor is fixed is called the motherboard.

The motherboard contains the connectors for attaching additional parts and circuit board. It also has a connector to attach the primary memory, that is rom and ram the motherboard is placed inside the system unit. Unit System: – The system unit contains the motherboard. In addition, it has a socket to connect all the peripheral devices like monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, joystick, headphones, speaker, etc. to the motherboard. The hard disc, floppy drive, and CD, DVD drivers are also fixed in the system unit nowadays.

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